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Advantages of laser security system

Laser AirCraft CounterMeasures (ACCM) [citation needed] Laser Weapon System (LAWS), which is intended to hold off approaching unmanned aerial vehicles and speedboats. Photo Credits: Laser Security System Circuit Diagram by circuiteasy; Laser Security System by laserfx; Laser Security System For Home Laser alarm systems have plenty of added advantages: • With its latest technology features, crime is deterred. They are lightweight and portable. Laser sight. This project powered using a mobile charger which gives 6 volts and 500 mA. DISADVANTAGES Line of sight is required. Building security systems in different types of properties. It is literally a means or method by which something is secured through a system of interworking components and devices. Fig. Presented here is a 6v Laser security system that can be easily programmed for any password. Intruders will rather skip or would  Laser security systems used to be difficult to install and rarely available to anyone other than the super-rich. kaushikscienceprojects. Intruders will rather skip or would not prefer to waste time in cracking its code. It can also powered using battery ranging 6 volts. To increase the security of the system, the threshold can be increased, which decreases FA errors and increases FR errors. 24 Oct 2018 Laser printing on security seals has advantages over other types of For this reason, it is one of the most widely used marking systems in the  13 Apr 2018 The aim of this article to make a laser light security alarm and it can also be used as a home security system. The circuit, construction and setup for the Laser Security System is very simple. 6V Laser security system circuit 1 6V Laser security ©Academy of Laser Dentistry 2008 PO Box 8667, Coral Springs, FL 33075 954‐346‐3776 Fax 954‐757‐2598, www. But fast forward to today. Laser illumination can help camera to capture clear images with high clarity. topic "Laser Security Alarm System " and maximum efforts have been taken to make the project more comprehensive and lucid to understand. Blog Post. Our project covers a variety of sub topics like it's working, setup, uses in life and different aspects of Laser Security Alarm System . Free-space optical communication (FSO) is an optical communication technology that uses light propagating in free space to wirelessly transmit data for telecommunications or computer networking. The wiki uses Markdown syntax. The goal of the Self-Protect High Energy Laser Demonstrator Advanced Technology Demonstrator (SHiELD), is to combine an agile, small, high-power laser system on a tactical aircraft to demonstrate If you have not made security one of your top business priorities, there is no better time to make a mindset shift. The systems can be used as a highly effective perimeter alarm for property boundaries or even for pools, where customers can have the lasers set to detect when small children come within a set number of feet from the edge of the water. Project Members: Future applications of the laser. Advantages: Very reliable sensors, low false alarm rate, and midpriced. There are many good security systems, or guardians, for internet security. It was only 10 or 20 years ago that laser security systems were only available to the rich. Compared with the traditional marking methods, fiber laser marking machine has the advantages of low cost, and high flexibility computer control system. This alarm will undoubtedly inform the burglars that they have been detected and motivate them to leave. Compared to other modalities, it has a significantly lower false acceptance rate and false rejection rate. They also have a robust mechanical and optical design for manufacturing and repair applications. Though it is not possible to illustrate all the laser applications reported so far in this small book, the more important ones are covered in the Chapters on Laser Applications. The goal of this project is to utilize the after-market parts and build an integrated home security system. There are different types of security systems available and laser based security system is an important and efficient type. Jul 06, 2009 A security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into a building . The concept is quite simple and similar to what we see in movies where antique, priceless ornaments are protected under laser lights. And the alarm signals the security monitoring company and local law enforcement. Previously, the old-style laser system devices depended on connections wired to a keypad, making it necessary for the owner to employ special codes in order to arm and disarm the system. Laser Communication PPT and Seminar Free Download. Simplest LASER BASED SECURITY ALARM (using only 4 Components) This is a remarkably easy LASER BASED SECURITY ALARM using only 4 components. Fixed wings can fly at a high altitude. from intrusion and unauthorised access. For example, if you telephone Europe from the United States (or vice versa) and the signal is bounced off a communications satellite, you often hear an echo on the line. A home alarm system is a way to help protect your home while you're away, when you're sleeping, or during times when you're preoccupied with household responsibilities and might not be aware of By using laser security system one can be safe in the case of harmful effects to the body. Connect with suppliers for various high quality laser security system products. Advantages of biometric systems: Improved security; Improved customer experience; Cannot be forgotten or lost It seems home security industry is moving from hardwired to wireless, but as one of mature and stable alarm equipment, some users still favor the hard wired alarm system. Disadvantages: Must be fence-mounted. This is an advantage when intruders would want to tamper with the device. Comparator is configured in non-inverting mode. com. These smart, easy to learn devices notify you when intruders attack your property while you are away or sleeping. The main advantages of such a system Advantages: The average flight time is a couple hours and can go up to an impressive 16 hours or more if the drone is gas engine powered. Security system The most basic definition of any security system is found in its name. They help you avoid the cost and inconvenience that comes with getting a speeding ticket. While there are multiple security system options available in the market today, Alarm. A telemetric infrared laser detector is a system emitter / receiver of infrared  A laser security system works along the same principle. The security system will use a microcontroller known as Arduino Uno to interface between the components, a magnetic Reed sensor to monitor the status, a buzzer for sounding the alarm, and a WiFi module, ESP8266 to connect and communicate using the Internet. In this two 5v relays are used. Now we can use this system in a wide range of area. Laser based security system is designed to provide maximum security to a The advantage of this development is the circuit, construction and setup for the. W One of the advantages of the laser fiber optics is that several fibers can be wrapped inside one cable , and each cable contains many laser beams , each carrying billions of bits of information . A security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion or unauthorized entry into a building or other area. In this article, the TOPS team will walk you through the top 5 advantages of installing a TOPS business surveillance system. Laser Technology's core products are engineered with pulse-laser technology (a. Alarm systems can now be used to notify you via sms in the event of an opening or closing (notify when your kids get home from school) an The Advantages Of A Laser Security System. Microwaves are the electro-magnetic radiations whose frequency ranges from 0. The basic alarm unit will also sound a loud alarm. How to Make a "Laser Security Alarm System" at Home on a Breadboard. It is a highly useful technology in areas such as border security, membership authentication, financial institutes, and information security to name just a few of its many uses. While theft prevention is a primary function of security systems on cars, they offer so much more. When it comes to wireless security systems it is important to have an understanding of what they can do to help you This video will help you in making a laser security system. Apartment building security systems will differ from a security system for commercial building because security objectives are different for each type of facility. Laser night vision technology has appeared in China for nearly a decade. There was a time when a laser security system with additional motion sensors Advantages. Mini project report laser security system Chapter-1 Introduction to Laser . If used with a battery, the laser security  Abstract— The project we have worked on is a wireless security system that can be controlled through a 6 ADVANTAGES OF A LASER SECURITY SYSTEM. Share on Tumblr We need safety and security for our valuable things, to protect our property simple and robust security alarm circuit designed by using easily available components. 5 Mar 2017 Uses & Advantages of laser security system : 1) Laser security system locks working: Laser door alarm is based on the interruption of laser  Laser torch-based security burglar alarm system normally works in darkness only . • If somebody tries to break the laser path, then an alarm will be generated in a few seconds. Norton Antivirus protection is one of the best security systems one can use to protect themselves while on the internet. a. Some limitations of laser printing on security seals. But just like other inventions, security cameras have a few drawbacks as well. These Infrared laser beams actually provide you with a fair amount of flexibility. They made homeowners feel more secure. Below are various advantages and disadvantages of installing them on your residential or commercial site. Laser printers, laser fax machines and supermarket bar code readers all use diode lasers. Advantages of Drone Technology - List: Drones can Fly: Drones were usually land dwelling devices as their function are only limited on land navigation. This can also be used to protect more than one objects by suitably arranging mirrors. If the position of the switch is set correctly then the security can be disabled. Because of these advantages, you see fiber optics in many industries, most notably telecommunications and computer networks. At that time, they were an advance in security technology. It can give the exact position of an object. For example, pilots use simulators in case they make a mistake, and aspiring doctors take advantage of virtual reality to avoid medical accidents. Besides traditional magnetic switch equipped on doors and windows, we have also incorporated temperature sensor, smoke detectors, and motion sensor. We offer a full line of complete laser micro-machining heads for semiconductor applications. Food security: The study calculates that if 50 percent of the area under rice-wheat systems in Haryana and Punjab states were laser levelled, it would result in additional annual production of 699 What are the advantages of having a home security system? Numerous studies show homes without security systems, when compared to those with professionally monitored systems, are up to three times more likely to be burglarized because burglars are opportunistic by nature and are on the hunt for easy targets. You can buy the kit from our website: www. Laser check printing provides better tracking than preprinted check stock. com offers five reasons Welcome to your wiki! This is the default page, edit it as you see fit. Like any other security systems, alarm security systems also have a set of pros and cons. 1: Prototype of 8051 Microcontroller based Laser Security System. Advantages of Light sensor. This video will help you in making a laser security system. The system The main advantages of such a system includes the . In this system we have placed laser light and LDR facing each other, so laser light continuously falls on LDR. Fiber Laser Marking Machine in recent years in the application of various fields are more and more widely. Low circuit costs Simple circuitry Higher security It is portable Few international regulatory constraints High noise immunity. This is the most common and most economical portable system. They are simple to install and can be used effectively inside or outside a home. A batch system uses one or more portables to gather data that is stored for later input to a computer. It mentions GSM advantages and GSM disadvantages. Laser security systems have many advantages. They are more forgiving in the air than other models. Training. It belongs to active infrared night vision technology. Laser check printing software provides its own check printing log or check register that logs every check printed. The rather high price deters   2 Oct 2018 But what are the real advantages of having a laser security system installed? Is it really worth it, or should you stick to plain old CCTV? Here  Laser alarm systems have plenty of added advantages: • With its latest technology features, crime is deterred. If your vehicle didn’t come off the production line with a security system installed, or if your current system is outdated or not working, it’s a smart idea to consider installing an aftermarket car alarm system. Its alarming Sound does not stop until anybody stops it after checking. Batch systems can do only limited validity checking. 1 Jan 1989 Laser security systems have many advantages. In this article, we will show you some basic information about advantages and disadvantages of hardwired alarm systems. Disadvantages: Fixed wing drones can be expensive Most home laser security systems are made of two parts: a basic alarm unit and an infrared motion detector. com Offers Five Benefits to a Wireless Home Alarm System Vienna, VA – February 2, 2012 – According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a home robbery occurs every 12 seconds. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg in telecommunications; wireless is wonderfully convenient but bandwidth-limited. If you're considering installing a wireless home security system, consider both the benefits and limitations as well as the best monitoring companies to work with. In this tutorial, the advantages and disadvantages of fiber optic transmission will be explored in details. sensor and the moment that the contact of laser to LDR sensor breaks, the alarm connected to. One of the most recent technological advancements in home security is laser alerts. The systems  Wireless break beam security system is used for yard, garage, fence for property within 1500 feet of the system and your laser beam fence is now in operation. Usually, a fiber optic communication system consists of three main components: optical transmitter, fiber optic cable and an optical receiver. This laser was in place  Well, it's time to take a closer look at a laser light alarm system and see just why it may or may not be the best The Advantages Of A Laser Security System. 3 Dis advantages: Laser security system requires resources to run,add complexity in IT environment and requires effort by those using the systems BRECW,Hyderabad Page 24 of 27 Mini project report laser security system Laser is harmful to eyes, so do not look into the laser light and don’t direct it to the body. Biohacking — The Prebiotic Advantage. Laser Sensors and Presence Sensors Have Different Advantages Measurement Options With Lasers: Laser-Based Sensing Provides a Unique Set of Capabilities That Are Well-Suited for Difficult Measurement Tasks. can take the necessary actions. We are using the latest laser and scanner technology to offer high quality performance and speed efficient cleaning without causing damage to the object. The laser-based security system works better than other systems, especially outside where the conditions can be unfavorable. Which are used in the cutting devices. Compared to newer ‘Smart’ counterparts, traditional security systems are quickly becoming […] Future applications of the laser. 6V laser security system circuit. If that isn’t enough, laser systems are much less detectable than the more commonly used security systems. Laser marking with FOBA in the security technology and ID industry ensures forgery-proof and perfectly personalized security documents such as identity cards, passports, etc. Alarm. It can determine the velocity of a target. DESCRIPTION: This system for security uses the combination of LASER light and LDR. The system, which can burn through steel, reportedly costed $40 million and took six years to develop. Wiring the password setup needs some knowledge about SPDT switch. So, making laser systems one among affordable security system options can be very safe. Don’t have a moment to spare? You can connect with our security team right now! Rated for laser power up to 10 kW and having an integrated height sensor, the FLC-30 head is compatible across all laser cutting applications. Laser security systems of the past used to rely on connections wired to a keypad, requiring the customer to use special codes to arm and disarm the system. As mentioned above, no security system is the same. Perfectionist Auto Sound and Security in Anchorage sells K40, the leader in this category. Buzzer in the circuit Sounds when the Laser Beam falls on the LDR  20 Jul 2017 US Navy has started life-tests of the world's first drone-killing laser Security. A security system protects our homes, offices, banks, lockers etc. Here I have wired in a such a way that the password is UP,DOWN,UP,DOWN. Most other systems are too bulky and hard to take on an airplane. Selectable collimator and focus lens options enable system optimization. g. You will also learn how to use mirrors to secure your home. Laser-based perimeter security systems are the best choice for security, as they have a definite advantage over camera-monitored and radio-wave security systems. Although the likelihood of it actually getting used is slim, it can pay to have a good setup incase of emergency. Interactive Systems: Interactive systems have several advantages over batch systems Compared to most laser types, diode lasers are less expensive and more compact, making them ideal for small electronic devices, such as CD and DVD players, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs and other optical data storage devices. 2. They had motion detection, cameras and very little visible wires. laser has already brought great benefits in surgery, photography, holography, engineering and data storage. . There is a simple password setup using SPDT (single pole double throw) switch. Advantages of Iris Recognition. Rain, fog, dust, pollution can affect transmission 3. The LDR module has an onboard potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity of LDR, so that it only senses laser light falling onto it. 12 Jan 2015 remote start, keyless entry, and security systems (vehicles, garage and (short range), IR and laser radiation offer some important advantages. Keeping them safe from harm and burglary require ensuring that your residence is a secure place for everyone whether you are away or in your house. This contrasts with using solids such as optical fiber cable. The laser has unique properties that will make it the only solution for challenges in this century of the photon. If you use centre positioned then there are 64 such possibilities. A hybrid system is a combination of the two. Theft attempt and other security threats can be controlled by using this simple circuit to improve your security systems. After all, you want to know the reasons that you should even consider it for your family and why you should be thinking that it’s a viable option. A security system – specifically a laser security system – can prove invaluable, but they’re typically very expensive. ADVANTAGES Low power requirement. Analysis: Advantages and Disadvantages of US Seaborne Laser  to create an inexpensive security system for homes as well as industrial use. As the beam width used in the laser security systems are not strong beam widths. Most major security system providers offer both wired and wireless options, so choosing the right provider will be more important than deciding between wireless or wired security. Infrared Transmitter: We are going to implement the theft detection module using 1 transmitter and 1 receiver. All you need to do is just click on the download link and get it. Besides protecting your home against intruders, there are many advantages to investing in a home security alarm system: 1. In some sectors, VR is used to train employees, especially in dangerous environments. The main advantages of such a system From military and Homeland Security applications to private security and law enforcement, LTI laser sensors can be a driving force behind any intrusion detection or monitoring system. When it comes to installing a wireless security system you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages on how it can protect your home or business. Here there are 16 possibilities. Performance drops off with longer range. Advantages of Alarm Security Systems Laser based Security System is a type of security and alarm system that uses laser light and a light sensor. Laser security system a person moves in front of the motion sensor, that persons body heat triggers the systems alarm. As miniaturisation moves us into the nanoworld, It has gained immense popularity as an effective security measure, thanks to the plethora of benefits it offers. Laser Communication pdf Report Free Download Buy Electronics & Electrical Projects in India Buy Electronic Kits & Electrical Projects in New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad and the rest of India. RADAR systems employ the use of electromagnetic to calculate the distance of an object and its exact position on the earth’s surface or space. A Transistor (2n7000), resistor, LDR and a buzzer as an output signal. A clear understanding of your requirements around security, durability, cost, and implementation of the system can help you evaluate the best option for your business. To implement this alarm system for home, you have to provide an optical path (with LASER beams) around your home. The laser has in most firearms applications been used as a tool to enhance the targeting of other weapon systems. One possible arrangement is shown below. Which are various types of alarms used for the security of the house? When the alarm is triggered by one of the alarm components, an outside bell or siren is activated. org Page 1 of 2 Advantages and Limitations of Lasers One of the main benefits for using dental lasers is the ability to precisely interact and, in some cases, It is a portable device that attaches to your windshield, plugs into your cigarette lighter, and acts as a laser and radar detector. It provides very cost effective products and solutions. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications. Fingerprint scanners are unique and highly secure , They are used to lock/unlock the devices and apps without needing to remember the passwords , They are easier , cheaper and faster to setup , The online transactions become more convenient when you tap the screen with your finger for maybe a fraction of seconds . Laser Security System. M ultiple signals can be sent with high quality and low loss by light propagating along the fibers and the lasers are more nearly monochromatic and this allows the pulse shape to be maintained better over long distances . The laser pointer is used as the source of light beam. Since a laser beam has low divergence, Laser Systems. : In this tutorial I will show you how to make your own "Laser Security Alarm System" or a "Laser Sensor" on breadboard in just a few steps. What’s hardwired alarm system ? Fingerprint Scanner advantages. Advantage Laser Products is a one-stop shop for all of your MICR check printing needs! Since 1987, our MICR printing supply company has offered high-quality products, including new and remanufactured MICR toner cartridges, blank check stock loaded with anti-fraud features, laser printers and more! 3 Benefits of Virtual Reality: 1. In this circuit we have set reference voltages of comparators by using potentiometer, we can say this sensitivity of the circuit. "Free space" means air, outer space, vacuum, or something similar. Uses Of Laser Security Alarm System 1) Laser Security System Locks Working1) Laser Security System Locks Working : Laser door alarm is based on the interruption of Laser beam. As miniaturisation moves us into the nanoworld, 1. Fiber Optic Transmission Technology. Microwave Sensor advantages. And have the ability to carry more weight . Laser Satellite Communications Light waves, sound waves, compression waves, electromagnetic energy, microwaves, radio frequency, infrared light, visible light, acoustic energy and ultraviolet light are just a few of the wireless technologies available today. Advantages of GSM. These systems also have other advantages. There are many advantages to having a ProTec home security system installed. A home alarm system is a way to help protect your home while you're away, when you're sleeping, or during times when you're preoccupied with household  Advantages. Hence the security system will sound an alert when there is an attempt of break-in Compared to most laser types, diode lasers are less expensive and more compact, making them ideal for small electronic devices, such as CD and DVD players, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs and other optical data storage devices. 4. Talk with a Laser Specialist for advice on the best configuration for you. 4 INDEX If you are searching for water level indicator advantages, disadvantages, applications, uses, or benefits, this post should help! This post should help you understand all of the uses, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of automatic water level indicators. The major advantage of these is that you can easily cut them to any size and shape that  So obviously I if you stuck your hand passed the mount, it would set off the alarm and a guard would yell at the person. It has ability to work continuously; it is not only human but also a small animal or any other movable objects. Software signatures are encrypted, have multiple layers of password security and printing can be controlled based on check amount or account number. These fees can quickly add up, so if you are on a budget, it may put a strain on your finances. The security of your house and family are of vital importance to you and to us. OUR FOCUS Laser security systems have many advantages. Despite the advantages of laser technology, some of its limitations should also be borne in mind: There is a limitation to the colours which laser printing can apply to security seals; it can only be used on white, black and pastel colours (blue, yellow and orange). Our home security alarm systems are equipped with smoke detectors, which warn you when you are at risk of a fire. Following are the advantages of GSM: GSM techology has been matured since long and hence GSM mobile mobile phones and modems are widely available across the world. Following are the advantages of Light sensor: It is easy to integrate with lighting system such as automatic lighting system. There are several advantages to a security alarm system. We know the LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) light has high strength focused light rays, in this project we have used that laser light as a fence. 3 GHz to 300 GHz , These waves are mostly used for the non-broadcasting issues , Microwave motion detectors emit microwaves into the specific region and they detect any intrusion by analyzing the received microwaves frequency after the reflection from the intruder . : . RADAR systems have the capability of calculating the velocity of an object in motion. Under development by the U. Today, a flying drone is the new face of aerial technologies that are easily operated by any individual. It mainly consists of following blocks: 1. It is costly to have the system installed in the first place, but security companies charge a daily or monthly fee to provide monitoring services as well. This can be used to protect your valuable items, money, room etc. Due to the narrow beam width, rapid pulse rates and long range capabilities, you can rest assure that the instant anyone or thing breaks the beam, you’ll know These systems also have other advantages. Fire Protection: Fires can break out at any time and once they start they spread fast. These systems feature an integrated DPSS Jewel ND:YAG laser incorporated into a uni-body all-in-one form factor. The wireless home security system continues to gain popularity since initially being introduced into the home security market. Its principle is to spread the laser point light source through optical diffusion to achieve the purpose of night light Most home laser security systems are composed of two essential parts: An alarm and infrared motion sensors. The essence of this project is that  A Simple and Cheap Laser Security System using LM358 OP-AMP and LM555 Timer. S. This is also best suited for school students for their high school science projects. Instead of a string, there's a beam of light surrounding the area, and instead of a can of rocks, there's an  We start by performing a free audit of your safety and security systems to understand your present and future needs. We won't tell you what you need, we'll listen  25 Jul 2013 Great latest article collection for intrusion alarm systems and video Directionality is the advantages for laser light, Laser emits light in one . To better understand what kind of system is best for your home, visit our Best Home Security Systems , which offers detailed reviews of the industry’s leading home Our laser system is compact, robust and has a long lifetime with low or no maintenance for years. reflectorless measurement technology) resulting in the ability to measure both distances and speeds. The advantages, however, outnumber the disadvantages, and this revolutionary equipment continues to be popular with those serious about keeping their loved ones and assets safe and secure. The primary disadvantage of a home alarm system may be its expense. It is a set of electronic security systems designed to protect a certain area ( perimeter) in outdoor Another advantage of this technology is that, due to the optical . Laser, a device that stimulates atoms or molecules to emit light at particular wavelengths and amplifies that light, typically producing a very narrow beam of  14 Aug 2017 Cheap Laser Tripwire Home Security Alarm System I was inspired to make this from spy movies with high-end home laser security systems where the protagonists sprays aerosol . To add a new page simply reference it within brackets, e. These two types of errors are inversely proportional and in general can be controlled by a confidence threshold. Navy. By using different mirror arrangements you can form different security systems. This long range photoelectric burglar alarm system works during the day time  person or object crossover the laser line the security alarm will ringing and advantage of this security lock is that you can use any laser torch or pointer that is   Here this article is based on the discussion of laser security system and you want to protect your home then read this content it's very informative. laserdentistry. Laser alerts actually create laser beams of light that can be placed either around the perimeter of your home, or even within your home. Hence the security system will sound an alert when there is an attempt of break-in The advantages and disadvantages of light sensors depend on the construction process viz. For example, a laser sight is a small, usually visible-light laser placed on a handgun or a rifle and aligned to emit a beam parallel to the barrel. FUTURE SCOPE Toll Tax System 4. This security system project is one of the important sensor based projects for ece. The majority laser emitter utilizes 808 nm wavelength diodes, laser emitter has many advantages; long distance illumination, versatility, adapt to the environment, long lifespan, low risk. Working of Laser Security Alarm Circuit. photoresistor, photodiode or phototransistor. The first thing we’re going to look at are the benefits of this type of burglar alarm system. We also specialize in tilt and compass sensors, allowing you to measure heights and azimuth bearings. We are going to use Infra-Red transmitters because infrared beams are not visible to human eyes. Product Features 1) Three spectral imaging design, with advantage of visible  2 Nov 2013 document titled Project synopsis On LASER SECURITY SYSTEM is SECURITY SYSTEM Advantages : Easy to implement Reliable, 1 Apr 2019 Such security systems have alarm systems that can frighten burglars into Systems come equipped with door and window sensors and laser  Laser Tripwire Alarm: No security system is complete without lasers. Each has advantages depending on how you plan to use the RFID or barcode system. And the advantages of Laser security system for future aspects are listed above. k. Advantages of RADAR. One-way Laser communication system; Application; Advantages; Disadvantages; Conclusion; Reference; Here we are giving you Laser Communications Seminar and PPT with PDF report. advantages of laser security system

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